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Duet Score (C) Rose-Marie Williams

Piano Dreams

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Duet Piano Dreams

Solo Redemption

Trio Gentle Night

Quartet Redemption

Orchestra Reconciliation

Orchestra Redemption

Orchestra Rebellion

Solo Reconciliation

Duet Remorse

Sextet Remorse

Solo Revenge

Trio Country Lane

Band Shadowland

Solo Chameleon

Duet The Swan

Duet Beautiful Dawn

Duet Beautiful Dawn

Solo The Journey To You

Solo Apart and Together

Band Apart and Together

Duet Piano Dreams

Solo Country Lane

Solo Piano Dreams

Solo When all is said and done

Solo Afternoon Sun

Solo Injustices

Solo Fantasia

Solo The Storm is Here

Orchestra Making Waves

Duet Making Waves

Solo Come Fly With Me

Solo Let it Be

Solo Last Rays of the Day

Solo Gentle Night

Trio After the Long Day

Solo After the Long Day

Solo Hold My Hand

Sextet Apart and Together

Solo When Tomorrow Comes

Trio Afternoon at the Lake

Quartet When Tomorrow Comes

Solo Changing Times

Band Hold My Hand

Quintet Morning Walk

Band Fantasia

Band Summertime

Orchestra They Came For Us

Solo Waiting

Orchestra Waiting

Orchestra The Storm is Here

Solo Requiem for a Lost Planet

Solo The Swan

Quartet Winter Wonderland

Band Lazy Sunday

Quartet Hello Beautiful

Solo Floating

Duet Beautiful Dawn

Solo Afternoon at the Lake

[26] Solo
[8] Duet
[7] Orchestra
[6] Band
[4] Trio
[4] Quartet
[2] Sextet
[1] Quintet
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16th Sep 2021 How important is music theory to composition?
14th Aug 2021 Exorcising ghosts from the past
10th Aug 2021 Is that an orchestra in your pocket?

Composition competitions, are they worth it?

Published: 30th Jun 2022

Creativity is about self expression but competitions are useful in forcing us out of our comfort zones.

How important is music theory to composition?

Published: 16th Sep 2021

Starting to compose after such a long break from music meant reconsidering the role of theory.

Exorcising ghosts from the past

Published: 14th Aug 2021

Going back into music means triumphing over the past. This journey into the past where it all began.

Is that an orchestra in your pocket?

Published: 10th Aug 2021

A basic introduction to how composers create realistic orchestral music & other instrument sounds.

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