In her youth, Rosie was a state champion trumpet player. Rosie has a BA in Sociology, is a published author, researcher, programmer & policy advocate whose submissions have been referenced in Parliamentary Reports. After a very long absence from music Rosie returned to music during the pandemic & is now a composer & musician. Email:

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Free Book of Piano Scores for the Adult Learner

I have created a book of piano solos to suit the tastes of mature students

Despite the recent upheavals in my personal life I did manage to release my first proper piano track, the first movement from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

In an effort to help visitors to find relevent scores, I have combined 30 of my original piano solos into a single PDF file. They are still free but a donation would be appreciated.

Donations can be made via the link or straight to my bank account below.

Account Name: Rose Williams

Bank: St George

BSB: 112-908

Account number: 485 746 256

The book and individual scores remain copyright to Rose-Marie Williams (my legal name) and can not be redistributed for sale.

Download or scroll down to view the embedded PDF.

The scores range from easy through intermediate to advanced and are aimed at the adult learner. Rather than giving adults returning or starting their journey as piano students nursery rhymes to learn, I thought teachers and mature students alike might prefer scores that are not aimed at the young student.

A number of these scores can be heard on my Spotify and YouTube accounts if you search for the name Rosie Williams and the title of each though it may not be the top result.

If you would like me to write a solo specifically for you, I am open to the idea for a fee of $50 AUD per minute so a three minute score will cost $150. You can email me at and let me know what difficulty level, style and mood you want. This is also a nice gift idea if someone you know is learning piano.

12th Apr 2023

Experiments in recording acoustic trumpet

It's been a very full fortnight since I last blogged. Here's what I've been up to.

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