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Piano Dreams-Solo Last Rays of the Day-Solo After the Long Day-Solo Let it Be-Solo Waiting-Solo Changing Times-Solo When Tomorrow Comes-Solo Hold My Hand-Solo When all is said and done-Solo Come Fly With Me-Solo Winter Wonderland-Duet Afternoon Sun-Solo Afternoon at the Lake-Solo Floating-Solo Gentle Night-Solo

Payment information for 15 scores from the Album Piano Dreams by Rosie Williams (2021). The scores will be delivered to the email address you provide as a zip file attachment of 3.7 Megabytes.

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Licence and PDFs of all 15 scores from the Album Piano Dreams (supplied as a zip file) is priced at $20.

This payment is for the licencing of all 15 piano solo scores from the album Piano Dreams to you for the purposes set out below by the composer & copyright holder Rose-Marie (Rosie) Williams, Sydney, Australia ABN 90345143783.

There is no GST on these purchases. A reciept will be emailed to you. Payments & data are processed by the Stripe e-payment platform. Payment authorises me to store your email address and the name of the score to licence you to use the score as follows:

To download, print and perform Piano Dreams album scores privately or in a live performance (including online) and/or use it in music lessons as a teacher or a student, providing you attribute Rosie Williams as the composer. Payment does not authorise you to re-sell the score or soundfiles downloaded from my site.

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