Experiments in recording acoustic trumpet

It's been a very full fortnight since I last blogged. Here's what I've been up to.

I've had all kinds of things going on since I last blogged. It's hard to believe that a full fortnight has passed! I've pulled my flute out again and returned to experimenting with recording electric piano. I'd had these things on pause for a few months so I could focus on trumpet. I didn't have time to blog so I just posted to social media (see below).

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I've started making some of my scores public on MuseScore again and adding new scores to the free folder on my site. In addition to creating a backing track to play Haydn's Andante against, I'm working on an ensemble version of Clair de Lune and various other projects.

In addition to that I've begun releasing piano music again on the streaming platforms though most to date is not my own playing but digital productions or professional musicians. These musicians not only have practical skills that I lack after only a year or so playing piano but are also set up to record and produce with acoustic pianos.

I did finally make my first attempt at recording piano (uploaded months ago) public days ago and note with interest that it is getting more views than my original compositions, probably because people search for composers like Beethoven.

Probably the hardest thing about being a composer is that the world works on algorithms and people only find what they are looking for. If you are a living composer who is yet to establish themselves, no one will be looking for you and most of what you do is completely ignored because algorithms don't present your posts or releases to audiences.

This is one reason why I'm happy to be playing some arrangements of world-renowned composers, in addition to enjoying the experience for my own satisfaction.

I'm happier with today's Haydn recording than the first though I still need to get more comfortable with the whole process so I'm not thrown by the extra distractions of recording.

Today I recorded with the small mic I was given by a friend which connects to the phone and the Boom 3 is nearby. I had to correct the sound file afterward for pan as it seemed to be louder in one ear, possibly because I was quite slapdash about how I positioned things.

I no longer seem to be having the issues fighting with the sound wave being either too soft or too loud because the microphone is further away from the trumpet- though to be fair, some of that difficulty is likely to result from the contrasting dynamics and timbre of the repertoire.

Overall, I've had a reasonably pleasant afternoon recording and editing the videos so I hope you've found today's effort an interesting encounter with a living composer and noob musician.

12th Apr 2023

Experiments in recording acoustic trumpet

It's been a very full fortnight since I last blogged. Here's what I've been up to.

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